Products and Services

Five County Ag is diversified in products and services

Equipment installation, maintenance and on-going customer service are Five County Ag’s primary focus. Five County Ag offers services that are critical to a successful dairy operation, from emergency repair work to regular annual scheduled service programs.

Five County Ag installs the products that we supply. From a small equipment upgrade to a full milk parlour installation, our crews will work with you to achieve the results you want.

Five County Ag makes every effort to stock parts critical to your operation, preventing extended downtime.

Our aim is to add value for a farmer and their operation.

Route Truck

The Five County Ag route truck visits hundreds of farms delivering essential milking supplies to farmers, including sanitation and hygiene supplies, liners, hoses and a large array of other items.

Construction Services

Five County Ag has its own construction team that can expand or renovate an existing barn or can build new barns. In addition to building the structure we provide a turn-key installation that is completely equipped for full dairy operations.

Suppliers & Manufacturers

Five County Ag offers an excellent selection of quality products through leading manufacturers and distributors: